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Adult Bible Fellowships (ABFs)

Adult Bible Fellowships (ABFs)

Find Community Within the Community

Adult Bible Fellowships (ABFs) provide a smaller, more intimate meeting place on Sunday mornings for in-depth study of God’s word, prayer, the opportunity to connect with others in the church, and for expanding the kingdom through serving the community. ABFs also have small groups that meet for further study, building community and provide support networks for those in their group. We encourage you to visit an ABF to find a group where you can connect and grow with other believers, or email us to find out more about connecting with an ABF.

abf 9am

abf 1030am

In His Steps

Teachers: Mark Vandegrift and John Niebel
Classroom #1                                  

Heritage Builders

Teachers: Pastor Mike McCartney, Gordy Boner and Bruce Bagley 
Classroom #1

Kindred Spirits

Teachers: Alternating
Classroom #2                                     

Joy Sowers

Teachers: Alternating
Classroom #4

Women of Worship

Teacher: Laura Dewalt
Classroom #3


Journey: Families Growing in Christ

Teacher: Nick Lewis, Eric Schroll, Ralph Buster
Classroom #4



 Have a question about ABFs? Contact: Pastor Brannon Marshall