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Discipleship is hard. But it doesn't have to be complicated.  Many people share a similar story: Either we don’t have a clear definition of what discipleship looks like or we’re not able to grow in a way that satisfies.  We can’t put our finger on it, but something feels missing.

We're busy but not connected, involved but not transformed, learning but not really growing. As a result, many people move from book to book, church to church, slowly becoming frustrated and eventually stop growing altogether. 

Pathway will help you move forward as a follower of Jesus in three crucial areas:


We believe that new life comes from changed hearts. You'll learn how to practice the gospel by engaging the word, prayer, and spiritual disciplines.

download icon  6 Day Reading Guide
download icon  6 Day Prayer Guide
download icon  A Busy Person's Guide to Resting Well


We believe that nothing builds disciples like community. You'll learn the value of living as family and how to build meaningful, spiritual friendships. 

download icon  4 Ways to move from Association to Affection
download icon  A Beginners Guide to Spritiual Friendships
download icon  Questions to Ask Someone of A Different Generation


We believe that impacting the world starts by loving our neighbors. By learning how to intentionally invite others into your life, you'll take part in the mission of God. 

Whether you use Pathway casually or follow along with weekly content, it's our hope that it becomes a helpful resource for you as you grow closer to Jesus.  

download icon   Neighborhood Mapping Tool
download icon   9 Questions You Can Ask Anyone