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Missional Communities

Missional Communities

We believe the most authentic way to center our lives on the Gospel, live as the Family of God, obedient to His Mission, is through the vehicle of Missional Communities.

 What are they?

A Missional Community (MC) is a family of believers in Jesus that live life together seeking the well-being of their neighborhoods, towns, and surrounding areas, while they center their lives on the Gospel and live out His intended ways.

  • A group of 10-40 people that live life together
  • Incorporates a healthy balance of the study of scripture, eating together, celebrating, praying, worshiping and being on mission
  • Reactive to others by leading of the Holy Spirit
  • Unashamed of following Jesus but does not exclude others from being part of the group that have not yet come to know Jesus as Lord
  • A group of people who strive to make disciples in every area of life and to reproduce that in others

How to get involved?

On-ramps to a Missional Community:

  • Fill out a communication card on a Sunday morning and drop it in an offering box
  • Go with a friend to their MC
  • Email a regional MC coach and see how to get connected to an MC near your town. Click Here!



Where are they?

missional map2