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Message and Calling

September 27, 2015 Speaker: Ryan Johnston Series: Gospel of Mark

Topic: Kingdom Passage: Mark 1:14–1:20

Ryan Johnston continues the Gospel of Mark series teaching this week from Chapter 1, verses 14 through 20. In this passage Mark transitions from the introduction into the main theme of the Kingdom of God. Here there are three main themes: 1) A high-level look at the Mission of Jesus; 2) Calling of the first disciples, and; 3) The disciples' Response to that calling. In no uncertain terms Jesus proclaims in these passage that he is the Son of God and that the promises of God are being fulfilled through Jesus' life and ultimately death on the cross. Jesus sets the pace for how we are to live, how and why we need to repent of our sins and clearly tells us that by ourselves we can't inherit the Kingdom of God. Is Jesus the pacesetter of your life?

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