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We Are Better Together

January 17, 2016 Speaker: Ryan Johnston Series: We Are

Topic: We Are Better Together Passage: Matthew 28:18, John 13:34–13:35, Proverbs 27:17

This week Ryan Johnston speaks directly to one of the myths of our culture - that it is better to "go it alone" rather than seek out others to live life with. But the truth is we are better together, just as Christ taught his disciples. They weren't taught to live separated from other disciples; instead they came together, spoke truth into each others' lives and learned from others. Jesus' extravagant love for us has saved us from the penalty, power and presence of sin - and people will know we are disciples of Jesus by the extravagant love we have for one another. We display that love by investing into others what we've been given by those who've poured into our lives. Which means we have to be humble learners, always pursuing the truth of Jesus, praying God will bring someone into our life who desires to know him more. Jesus' commission is the road to becoming a loving, kind, holy spirit-filled, discipling believer in Jesus Christ. 

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