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"Disciple: Faithfulness In Opposition"

February 14, 2016 Speaker: Ryan Johnston Series: Disciple: The Gospel of Mark

Topic: Faithfulness Passage: Mark 3:20–3:35

This week Ryan Johnston teaches from Mark 3 and focuses on the opposition Jesus faced - even from his own family - and how his example is the model we can use today. But before we can deal with opposition to our faithfulness we must ask ourselves if we believe Jesus is Lord and has all authority. Put another way, we must ask if Jesus is - as many in Jesus' time and today will say - a lunatic, a liar or a legend. Is he just a figment of the overactive imaginations of a bunch of ancient writers? Or is he Lord of all. If you believe his is Lord then we are commanded by Jesus to step into relationships with others that will expose us to the pain of life. If Jesus is Lord of all for you then this week's message will help you to remain faithful in the face of opposition. 

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