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Disciple: Faithfulness In Opposition 2

February 21, 2016 Speaker: Ryan Johnston Series: Disciple: The Gospel of Mark

Topic: Faithfulness Passage: Mark 3:20–3:35

Continuing the message from last week, Ryan Johnston teaches from Mark Chapter 3. Our culture tells us it is insane to follow the teachings of Jesus, that we should instead live the shallow life of this world and chase after money, fame and anything else that is in opposition to what Jesus taught. We must realize that the pressures we feel to disavow Jesus were the same pressures Jesus himself dealt with from the culture he lived in and from his own family. But Jesus tells us that the most sane thing we can do is follow him - to live as he has called us to live. Jesus continually reshapes us to shift away from focusing on the unimportant things of this world and to live our life fully for him. Are you facing opposition to your love of Jesus? Are you feeling pulled into a relationship with him that you haven't had before? Let's stop contemplating what it is we are to do for Jesus and start doing what we know in our hear he is calling us to do. 

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