1 Timothy Week Four // June 16, 2024
Dave Short   -  

The Book of 1 Timothy gives us insight into how the church cares for the vulnerable, makes a difference in a dark world, the way and posture in which we defend doctrine, and other guidance that Paul gave Timothy in this letter to a young leader of the church in Ephesus. As we study this letter of Paul to Timothy this summer, it will help us see how to live as the church in a dark world, what it means to be the church, and how to stay healthy as a church and believers one of another. Week Four Pastor Dave walks us through 1 Timothy 2:1-7 where we see that a thriving church starts with a praying people, who live out the Gospel! As a church, we must make prayer a priority, pray for everyone – especially leaders, embrace the work of Jesus daily, and live out our calling.