Missional Grant

Missional Grant Opportunity

Missional grants are designed to create opportunities for ongoing relationships where the gospel can be shared, relationships can grow, and community bonds are strengthened.

Money has been allocated for this initiative and put into a designated account for grants to NCC groups that would then apply for these funds. Grant applications are received and processed by the Group Life Director. Grant decisions are based on available funds, and how closely the projects align with the criteria.

Basic Project Criteria

  • The persons applying for the funds must be directly involved in the project and give leadership to it.
  • The project must be undertaken by a group of at least three unrelated people at NCC, not by an individual or family only. This can be an already existing group, or a group formed for the express purpose of undertaking the missional project.
  • The nature of the missional activity can include but is not limited to benevolence, justice, care, evangelism, relational bridge-building, and serving. Approval of activities is up to the discretion of the Group Life Director and Group Life Team.
  • Those receiving grant monies will be expected to report back on their experiences, challenges and outcomes so that we can celebrate the work that God is doing alongside you.
  • Each group can request up to $250 no more than 4 times a year.